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Sugarboo Designs Canvas Bag - XO

Product Code: 25529

By Sugarboo Designs

XO!  Stylish storage for your makeup, jewelry, or just about anything.  A casual mix of style and function, each pouch is canvas and features a leather zipper tassel.  Each is printed with a unique inspirational message.

  • 9" W x 8" H


Sugarboo Designs


Rebecca and her husband Rick started Sugarboo in 2002, with a mission of creating products that remind people of the ones they love.  Rebecca is inspired by many things, including nature, antiques, children’s art, and folk art–all of which are clear influences in Sugarboo Designs.  Evidenced in the entire line of handmade art, Rebecca enjoys interesting juxtapositions of the old and the new, soft and hard materials, and sentimental-yet-modern designs.  The result is art that families will keep and cherish for years – likely, generations – to come.